Friday, 23 July 2010

Some interesting sites

I'm sorry but I don't know who showed me the way to these sites. I tried to find the bloggers so that I could thank them personally. Sorry, that I wasn't able to find you, hopefully you will know after reading this, that  I appreciate you writing  about these sites. Dear readers of my blog, I hope you enjoy visiting these sites just as much as I did.

The lettered cottage. Wow, this is one inspirational site. While reading her blog, I came across this site. You can get some terrific gifts here. I love the journals & notebooks. The greeting cards are so inspirational. I want them for myself!

This morning my day started with reading my feeds on Bloglines. This brought me here. Wow, all these Australian designers sharing some of their designs for our personal use. Isn't that terrific?

On a personal note, I want an iPad. What do you think? Do you enjoy reading your ibooks? Do you like Safari? Is surfing the web even more fun than on a desktop computer? Is blogging & twittering fun using the iPad? What are the disadvantages?

Is this another gadget or hype I don't need to have or follow?

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Anonymous said...

Is het mogelijk deze site in het nederlands te lezen?
Groet, Dientje