Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Medallion Sampler progress

Yesterday afternoon Mirjam came over, so that we both could work on our Medallion Sampler quilt. A little show & tell. Teddy, my cat, couldn't resist inspecting Mirjam's quilt. It seems he really likes this quilt as well, as you can see he is very relaxed.


Mirjam, is showing me how to cut the fabric to make 'flying geese'.


The pile is growing!! Mean while Mirjam is unpicking some of her work.


A block in progress. This is one of Mirjam's blocks. It is a challenge, as it looks like not all the piece fit. We have been juggling the pieces around & re-measuring but we are unsure if it will turn out all right.


I need my scissors! Found them between all my notions. Look what someone did. Hubby left a 'Beesie'  behind. This 'Beesie' you get at our supermarket AH (Albert Heijn) which is a marketing tool to promote our national team at the world cup and to get us buying more groceries. The country is going crazy, all the 'Beesie's' have sold out, but we have reached the finals!!


Although this commercial is in Dutch I think you will get an idea. Why the 'Beesie's' are having a strange affect on people.


Nearly got the first part of the 'flying geese' boarder done.


Only 70 more to go!!! But have completed the first 10.


For those who are curious. This is my Medallion Sampler under construction. The flying geese border will go around on the outside. Yes, Teddy, my cat likes quilts!!


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Jackie said...

Your Medallion sampler is looking just beautiful!! So nice that it receives the kitty seal of approval too!