Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dutch or English

A reader asked if this blog could be written in Dutch. I'm sorry, but I prefer writing in English & it is too much bother to translate and post two posts. Those readers who prefer reading in Dutch, or any other language, could use Google translator. Just copy the text & let Google translate the text to the language you prefer. You could also download the Google translator toolkit. You can then translate the whole webpage.

I've tried it, the translation isn't perfect but you get an idea about what I'm writing about.

By the way, on the right hand sidebar there are some references to Dutch bloggers.

1 comment:

Berna said...

Hoi Helen,
Tip: misschien is het een idee de google translator bovenin je blog te zetten (zie mijn blog) dat is eenvoudiger voor diegene die niet zo makkelijk met de computer omgaan.