Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Coffee, cappuccino, espresso - who can resist?

I got it! As I mentioned some time ago, my Gaggia Titanium espressomachine broke down, so I've re-invested in a Quick Mill.

IMG_5417 Last week I had a barista workshop! Afterwards I had to buy this knock box. This way I won't ruin our bin any further. You really need to put some effort in removing the coffee. So I've already put some dents into our bin. But with this knock box, I won't need to start saving for a new bin. IMG_5434 On your right, in the picture underneath, you see the tamper.


 IMG_5437  IMG_5438

In the above picture on your left I'm using the tamper. In the picture on your right, I'm using the pitcher to froth up the milk.

IMG_5441  IMG_5444

To finish off this cappuccino I add a little vanilla syrup & cocoa. 


Although it is very time consuming, I love playing with my new espresso machine. After all that effort, it is time to relax & drink it. Yes, I'm turning into a coffee geek!

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