Monday, 12 July 2010

Bling, Bling!

In this months issue of Quilter's Home


I noticed the lovely quilty charms made by Randi Gish-Smith. I had to check out her website. Here you can order her charms. I was also attracted to the charm pins on the hat shown in the previous issue. I must have them!!!

 Mega Dougherty_hat

Boy, is it hard to find these charm quilt pins. But I persevered and found this site. Also found a quilt unrelated  site where you can order the most interesting buttons. If you, dear reader, know where I can order some like the one's on the hat shown above, please leave a note. Like many other readers of Quilter's Home I also want the pattern for the hat shown on page 23 in the April/May issue. The art director of this magazine, would love a lead on the pattern, so would I. Does anyone know where I can  get the pattern?

By the way, it seems that Megan Dougherty is the same person as The Bitchy Stitcher. I not only like her articles published in Quilter's Home, I also like reading her blog.

I was one of the readers who was very disappointed when Mark Lipinski left the magazine.  For a long time, couple of weeks, I thought I might cancel my subscription. But so far I'm glad I have renewed and looking forward to the next issue.

For those who are a little curious, I have two other subscriptions at the moment: 1 - McCall's Quilting, & 2 - American Patchwork & Quilting. Other magazines I buy if the front cover catches my eye. I have a couple of Quiltmania's & Homespun. However, I don't have every issue.

I provided myself a nice distraction from working on my Medallion Sampler quilt.

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Randi Gish-Smith said...

Hi Helen, Thank you for mentioning my jewelry! I have never shipped overseas but if you wanted to order something, I could look into it.

I really enjoyed reading your blog and will check back often. It never ceases to amaze me what a universal language quilting is!

Randi Gish-Smith