Friday, 30 July 2010


Outside my window … cotton wool like clouds are travelling across the blue sky. Slowly a dark grey one is approaching. Hard to imagine it might rain soon. The sun is still shining. I hear the wind  rustling through the trees. A pigeon on the rooftop of our neighbour’s house is inspecting their chimney. He is not making much noise, at least I don’t hear him. I do however hear some chirping noises of baby birds coming from our garden. 

I am thinking .... how I love the sound of wind rustling through the trees. I wish the window of my study can remain open forever. I’m also contemplating going to Paris a day earlier then the congress starts. I might go to the Louvre!

I am thankful for ..... the kilo I lost! Three weeks ago my dietician advised me to go on a low (no) carb diet. Slowly losing some weight!! The results are minimal. It amazes me how much effort I have to undertake just to have a nice meal as I'm also on a low salt diet & also on a low fat diet. Does anyone have a name for this diet? Gaining weight is easy, losing it, is hard smiley_confused . By the way, I also do cardio-fitness, so don’t leave any comments on how to loss weight. Some knowledgeable people are guiding me!

I’m also thankful for the new computer that I got. Although it is an occasion, it is a lot faster than my previous computer. Now only wishing for a faster internet.

I’m also thankful for the quilting friend who showed me how to  change my template in Blogger. I’m being creative. Blog template is under construction!!

I am wearing ..... a white skirt (again) and a blue polo shirt.

I am loving .... the weekend that is approaching. The work week has nearly finished.

I am stitching .... nothing at the moment unless you call quilting stitching. I’ve done some quilting this week but today I’m hindered by Teddy the cat (see photo).

I am hoping .... for some inner peace, understanding & acceptance that things are as they are. This is what I mean: Acceptance is a state of non-reactivity and understanding. Acceptance does not mean 'approval' or that you condone what you are accepting. It means that you see something and know it for what it is, without having to need to change it. I’m hoping with acceptance, I can more easily experience balance, forgiveness, and harmony. Understanding is the capacity to experience the wisdom and knowledge we have inside us, and move beyond an emotional reaction to events into making correct, reasonable, and meaningful decisions. With understanding, I seek to comprehend my experiences, to bring ‘all I know’ to situations and events, and learn to act with both compassion and intelligence.

I am drooling over .... all those projects that I want to start.

I am sorely tempted by ...... cantuccini also known as biscotti. Sadly I’m not allowed to eat too many with my espresso, caffè macchiato or caffè Americano. Normally I buy them, but one day I hope to make them myself when I’m allowed to eat some carb’s again.

I am hearing ...... "Highwire" CD in the background and loving her music! It amazes me how much Dawn Langstroth sounds like her mum, Anne Murray. I loved Anne Murray when I was young (end ‘70’s).  Actually I still love her music.  A while ago hubby bought Dawn’s cd. I though it was Anne Murray at first. He hadn’t heard of her and didn’t believe me. I wasn’t far off!!

I am reading .....   image

I’m getting ready for ….. a trip to the Nurburgring and meeting up with old friends. I’ll not join hubby on his trip around the race track, like a good girl I’ll cheer him on at the pit stop.

I’m dreaming of…. a winter trip to Wales. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in Wales between Christmas & New Years Eve.

On my mind…  this quote “For a long time it had seemed to
me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned
on me that these obstacles were my life. ”
—Alfred D. Souza (-2004); writer, philosopher

Feeling a little dumb…. when you buy the same book you ordered a little while ago. Luckily a quilter friend didn’t have it in her collection and bought it from me. Now I only have one. For a short while I had two of these


From my picture journal ......

IMG_5644 IMG_5648

Teddy pushed the ring from my quilt. Amazingly the needle has stuck him. In the first picture he is still getting comfortable. In the second one he is sound a sleep. Again, I can’t quilt biggrin .

Monday, 26 July 2010

New PC

I’m hoping that I’ll post more frequently now that I have a new PC. I’ve also gotten new software upgrades. Hopefully, I won’t miss my old PC.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dutch or English

A reader asked if this blog could be written in Dutch. I'm sorry, but I prefer writing in English & it is too much bother to translate and post two posts. Those readers who prefer reading in Dutch, or any other language, could use Google translator. Just copy the text & let Google translate the text to the language you prefer. You could also download the Google translator toolkit. You can then translate the whole webpage.

I've tried it, the translation isn't perfect but you get an idea about what I'm writing about.

By the way, on the right hand sidebar there are some references to Dutch bloggers.

Homespun & nostalgia

Friday I order two issues of Homespun here. Saturday they arrive by post! Nearly instant gratification.


Saturday I met up with my mum, sister and lovely nieces. While walking through Noordwijk, I saw the VW bus. Nostalgia! So my mum decided to buy two. One for my sister & one for me. Isn't it cute. I love this present. It represents a laid-backed way of life that I associate with Australia.

You can guess what I did after a day at the beach. Yes, I looked through my two Homespun magazines.

PS. I'm a little red. Luckily not burned. I didn't apply the sunscreen liberally enough!!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Some interesting sites

I'm sorry but I don't know who showed me the way to these sites. I tried to find the bloggers so that I could thank them personally. Sorry, that I wasn't able to find you, hopefully you will know after reading this, that  I appreciate you writing  about these sites. Dear readers of my blog, I hope you enjoy visiting these sites just as much as I did.

The lettered cottage. Wow, this is one inspirational site. While reading her blog, I came across this site. You can get some terrific gifts here. I love the journals & notebooks. The greeting cards are so inspirational. I want them for myself!

This morning my day started with reading my feeds on Bloglines. This brought me here. Wow, all these Australian designers sharing some of their designs for our personal use. Isn't that terrific?

On a personal note, I want an iPad. What do you think? Do you enjoy reading your ibooks? Do you like Safari? Is surfing the web even more fun than on a desktop computer? Is blogging & twittering fun using the iPad? What are the disadvantages?

Is this another gadget or hype I don't need to have or follow?

day journal

I'm thinking ... about my writer's block. I had to finish a chapter for a research rapport, however I'm having some difficulties thinking what & how to write my thoughts down. After a couple of hours sitting behind my computer, not writing much, I've decided to take a break. Sunday morning I will give it a go again.

I'm thankful for .... my facebook friends. I've nearly found all my old high school pals. People I haven't seen or spoken to for over 10 years.

I'm wearing .... a white skirt and blue & white stripped t-shirt and Birkenstock slippers. The kind shown underneath.


I'm remembering .... that I forgot to send a birthday card to a friend. I've just walked to the postbox to send her a card. Better late than never.

Looking forward .... to tomorrow. I'll be seeing my mum, sister and my lovely nieces.

One of my favorite things ... seeing people enjoy crafting. Look what Tonny is making:




And this is what Matty has made.


The above quilt is nearly finished.

In progress are these logcabin blocks


I love the fabric Matty has chosen.

Noticing .... that a package arrived. Actually two packages. I hadn't expected them.


This is what was inside.


Around the house .... it is quiet. Just the way I like it. Hubby is working in his study. I'm sitting behind my computer in my study. Teddy, is laying spread out over my big desk. Actually Teddy likes this position. It must be the heat!  Here is a picture of him a couple of days ago.


Outside my window .... I see rooftops & grey skies. I hear birds chirping & water tinkling. I feel a summer warm wind flow coming through my window. I taste coffee on my tong, which effects my sense of smell. This influences my perception of today. I love Friday! It is the day I work at home. It is the day that someone else cleans our house. I love walking through the clean & tidy rooms. It puts a smile on my face. I'm content.

Pondering these words ...  'Wrong'  is one of those concepts that depends on witnesses. Scott Adams, Dilbert . I would love to explain why I choose this quote, but some things aren't meant to be written about on this blog.

I am going ... to go downstairs and read this book.

 image I've nearly finished it. If you want to know more  about Heart and Soul go to Meave Binchy her site.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

while waiting for my hair to dry!

I came across this site thanks to Kathy's Quilts blog. Here is an interesting block called 'Storm at Sea'. From there I came to the site Quilter's Cache from Marcia Hohn, who offers block patterns for personal use. You must have a look! Amazing what you find while serving the web and waiting for your hair to dry.

Hope your web travels give you just as much pleasure.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Dixie Chicks Not Ready To Make Nice

The dixie chicks depict how I feel regarding my ex-employer.

I’m not ready to make nice, I’m not ready to back down, I’m still mad as
hell and I don’t have time to go 'round and 'round and 'round, It’s too late to make it right, I probably wouldn’t ...if I could, ‘Cause I’m mad as hell, Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sometimes you meet people who's blog you have read many times!!


This lady, who I didn't know is Gerda. She has here own blog and also seems to work at Petra Prins Quiltshop. Funny how you sometimes get to know people, but don't recognize them when your face to face :)

Thanks to Debby, I know who helped me. Blogging brings us together!

Tuesday update

I've been admiring some swans that have settled nearby my home for sometime. This morning I had a pedicure planned and drove by them again and thought I really must take my camera with me. 

Getting a pedicure and foot massage is one of the perks of having a job. I cancelled my previous appointment (in March) when job security was at its low. As you can see I also had a French pedicure. Don't my feet look neat?

IMG_5554Any how, back to the subject, I drove home to get my camera as I will need to show you where I've been. I also picked up my  Medallion Sampler quilt.

Here is mama & papa swan and their children.  When driving to that mysterious place, I saw that they had just gotten into the water. Luckily I was able to park my car nearby and quickly take these pictures.

IMG_5542 IMG_5543Papa swan (or was it mama swan) wasn't too impressed with me. Luckily for them, I couldn't come to close.

After an hours drive I arrived at this town. I think some of you will recognize it.

 IMG_5545 IMG_5546

IMG_5547 IMG_5548

IMG_5549 IMG_5550


Yes, this is Zutphen. It has been sometime since I've been to Petra Prins, the quiltshop. Which is most likely the reason why I got lost twice! Twice, I had to ask which way to go to the Vaaltstraat. A little out of breath and sweaty (yes, it is sunny and 26 degrees Celsius) I finally found it.

IMG_5552I had to keep an eye on my watch as the parking meter was running. I tried to go incognito (trying to conceal my identity) but failed. Petra Prins recognized me straight away. The lady that helped me didn't at first, but than I wrote down my name (as I also ordered a kit) and all of a sudden I was this ''known'' person.

This is the sweet lady who assisted me. Sorry I didn't ask her name.


This is what I bought in Zutphen. I didn't only shop at Petra Prins :) I also bought two milk pitchers and a coffee to go for me.

IMG_5557 IMG_5559

I bought these lovely fabrics at Petra Prins and two quilt books. The books are to prepare me for the next quilt course. Coming fall we are going to make a Log Cabin quilt. I haven't yet chosen the color scheme or pattern. The books are to provide me with some ideas.

On the way back home I drove through our lovely country side and sang out-loud in the car. Love these little trips by myself. Yes, I'm happy & content.

Quickly dropped into the dry-cleaners to pick up Hubby's suit & my skirt, but as they weren't open yet, I let myself be distracted.

I also bought this.

IMG_5556 Yes, it is an Ice Swatch.

How am I going to explain this??

Monday, 12 July 2010

Bling, Bling!

In this months issue of Quilter's Home


I noticed the lovely quilty charms made by Randi Gish-Smith. I had to check out her website. Here you can order her charms. I was also attracted to the charm pins on the hat shown in the previous issue. I must have them!!!

 Mega Dougherty_hat

Boy, is it hard to find these charm quilt pins. But I persevered and found this site. Also found a quilt unrelated  site where you can order the most interesting buttons. If you, dear reader, know where I can order some like the one's on the hat shown above, please leave a note. Like many other readers of Quilter's Home I also want the pattern for the hat shown on page 23 in the April/May issue. The art director of this magazine, would love a lead on the pattern, so would I. Does anyone know where I can  get the pattern?

By the way, it seems that Megan Dougherty is the same person as The Bitchy Stitcher. I not only like her articles published in Quilter's Home, I also like reading her blog.

I was one of the readers who was very disappointed when Mark Lipinski left the magazine.  For a long time, couple of weeks, I thought I might cancel my subscription. But so far I'm glad I have renewed and looking forward to the next issue.

For those who are a little curious, I have two other subscriptions at the moment: 1 - McCall's Quilting, & 2 - American Patchwork & Quilting. Other magazines I buy if the front cover catches my eye. I have a couple of Quiltmania's & Homespun. However, I don't have every issue.

I provided myself a nice distraction from working on my Medallion Sampler quilt.

Working on my Medallion Quilt

Dear readers, I'm slowly getting my MOJO back. The reason is most like because I've decided to have some ME-time. I'm doing my best not to be distracted by things going on outside my little world. It helps having a vacation. It helps that I've hidden away my BlackBerry. It also helps having the most fantastic weather. It is really summer here in the Netherlands.

Don't get the idea that it is sunny & hot all the time, as today we had rain, thunder & lightening, and even a little hail. So what to do. Unpack all my stuff and get started.


Nice clear table, you guessed right, I haven't started yet.


Nearly another row of flying geese completed. Making lots of flying geese.


Sorry, flash went on as it is pretty dark outside. The rain is poring down! As I don't have a very flashy sewing machine, you see that I sometimes draw some guiding lines on the fabric, this way I know the block will turn out just as it is meant too.


This is the fun part. Cutting, when you have just sewn something together.

As mentioned in a previous post. The flying geese will be a border around the center part of the Medallion quilt. In the picture underneath is the center part of the Medallion quilt. Still have a long way to go before this quilt is finished.


While sewing the idea came to me that I need some more fabric for the outside block border. I don't have enough 'old pink'! The outside border will have 24 blocks!! So guess where I need to go.