Sunday, 16 May 2010

A view of my class

Yesterday was our last lesson on learning new techniques for our Medallion Sampler. We have one more get-together in Augustus to show off our tops and sandwich the three layers. We can than finally talk about a real quilt. As you may understand, the next couple of years will be spend hand quilting this quilt. Although the quilt is sewn with the machine, the rest will be done by hand as I favor hand quilting to machine quilting. One more decision needs to be made. Will I use cotton batting,  wool batting or bamboo batting? Till now I have always used cotton batting. What is your experience with the last two products?

An impression of the progress the quilters are making.

This is Mirjam's Medallion Sampler.


The pattern is from Hanne Vibeke de Koning-Stapel. You can find the pattern in this book:


Sadly, it has not been translated into English, so far as I know.

Underneath you see the colorful Medallion Sampler that Margriet is making. Love the Dresdon Plate blocks. By the way you only see part of the quilt. Hopefully next time I will take a better picture of the whole quilt. It is stunning.


Yvonne has already completed some Pine Tree blocks.


Here is a view of the top in progress.


And, here is Keziban her quilt.


And here are 12 of the 20 blocks that surround the quilt.

The blocks on the right are Bear's Paw blocks.


Underneath you see the Dresdon Plate blocks and Pine Tree blocks Keziban made. Real beauties.


The Bear's Paw blocks underneath are from Annelies. I seem to have forgotten to photograph her other blocks. Will do this next time.


Here is me learning how to machine sew the LeMoyne Star block. First need to cut though.


Here is everyone!


By the way, see that lovely quilt in the right corner. Here is a picture of the quilt in its full glory.


Who knows maybe I will take this class one day!

Look what you can make with only 2 different fabrics. Actually the little blue squares is an extra. But you only need a little!


Laura showed of her quilt jacket.


The next months I will be making some of the blocks shown in these two pictures.

IMG_5269  IMG_5282

The one not shown is the Old Tippecanoe block. It is the block in the right photo on the left side. You can see half of the block! We also learned how to make that one.

There are lots more blocks that can be used in this Medallion Sampler. I need to make more decisions. It is so hard to choose! I'll let you know, better yet, I will post some pictures in the future of the one's I made.

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Berna said...

Prachtige samplers worden het! Het boek van Hanneke heb ik, dus ik zou zo kunnen beginnen..... nee toch maar eerst afmaken wat er ligt.