Friday, 28 May 2010

testing a Mini

Did I mention that my windshield (windscreen) has cracked again. A pebble hit my screen at the wrong place last Tuesday. Driving on Dutch highways is becoming dangerous and expensive. This will be my second replacement in 3 months!! Luckily my employer will pay for the replacement.

Got this small car while they fitted a new windscreen. I've always wanted to try-out a Mini.



Did you know it only has one passenger door? And no you don't get in from behind.


The inside. It looks roomy but than looks can deceive.


I'm getting in to pick up my car.


Waving to Hubby.


As I mentioned, it is a tight fit. These are Hubby's knees hitting the dashboard.


I thoroughly enjoyed this test drive but I'm glad to have my car back.

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