Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mini quilt holiday

It doesn't feel like a holiday as I'm busy with the Medallion Sampler. It feels like work and words can't describe my growing frustration. I'm starting to wish I had never started with this project. The card trick block is a real mind teaser. Cutting the fabric without a template isn't as easy as I thought. Somehow, even after measuring many times, I seem to end up with smaller or larger pieces making it pretty challenging to end up with 30 x 30 blocks.  According to the book this is the easy method. The only thing that keeps me going is Hubby's motivational speeches and Mirjam's listening ear. I think her sons know by now that I've encountered another quilting challenge, as they always pass on the message straight away that I've called.  They must really understand how desperate I am, as Mirjam always phones back pretty quickly. My usual experience with men passing on messages isn't that good.

But back to the subject on hand, the progress on my Medallion Sampler.

Here are all the fabrics on display.


Unpacking, and then decided to look through the quilt magazines that had arrived the week before. This photo was taken Monday, I thought I had plenty of time to finish all that I planned to do.


Unwrapped the bed sheet and decided to fix the mistake first.


Mistake has been fixed.


Here showing the progress of cutting the fabric needed for the card trick block. Luckily, I only need to make another 3.


Laying out the fabric.


Cutting more fabric using a template here.


Getting ready to sew!


The bobbin was finished!!


Taking a well deserved coffee break. I won't mention how many I had the last couple of days.


Better keep on going. 


I think I should count my blessings if all 4 blocks are completed tonight. When I started Monday I thought I would have also completed the compass block by now.  According to Hubby I should enjoy the progress and not focus so much on the result. Wise man, but I'm still feeling pretty frustrated.

Going back to the sewing room.

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