Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hedge update

The past 4 years we have made many attempts in trying to grow a hedge. We have re-planted three times!!  Finally, we now have a hornbeam hedge. It is doing so well, we will need to trim it soon. So before the neighbors start to complain, we thought we'd better buy a hedge trimmer. As of yesterday we are the proud owners of a Bosch hedge trimmer!


The hedge separates us from our neighbors. I love our hedge.

The garden is doing pretty well. Must be all that rain.


IMG_5288 IMG_5289

Front yard

IMG_5295  IMG_5296

The new tilia espalier (leiboom) is starting to grow, but it is way behind, compared to the two other espaliers.

The hydrangea are growing fine but there seems to be hardly any flowerheads popping up. They don't seem to have recovered from the unexpected frost we had last year. Last week there was an article in my newspaper of a new hydrangea cultivar, called 'Endless summer'. You never seem to go wrong when pruning them. It has a long flowering time, from June till October. It also doesn't matter that they get confronted with unexpected cold weather. Frost doesn't bother them. They seem to be incredibly versatile and hardy. This sounds like my kind of plant. If you want to know more click on this URL. There is also a Dutch site. I wondered where I could buy them. Well I didn't need to wonder for long as it seems that my local garden centre provides them. I think I might have a look one of these daysbattingeyelash_smiley

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