Friday, 2 April 2010

Quilt lesson

Last Thursday we had another (FIETS) group (lesson). All though I'm slowing getting my MOJO back, I have to admit I'm way behind in my projects. Look what the other quilters have been up to.IMG_4816 In the picture above you see a quilt top in progress. Can't mention too much about this quilt as it is a present for someone.

IMG_4817 Listening and admiring other peoples works.

IMG_4820 Moi (me in French)

IMG_4821 Admiring the jelly roll that Matty bought. The are looking at a picture of the future quilt to be.

IMG_4825 Here is Matty - pushing her jelly roll in the center of attention.

IMG_4826 Matty is busy with lots of projects.

IMG_4830  IMG_4829

This is Matty's star quilt. You can also admire the hand quilting.

IMG_4831 This is Tineke's feathered star quilt. Beauty isn't it?

IMG_4837 This is Janny's star quilt. By the way she is hiding behind her quilt. She prefers not to be in the picture!

IMG_4839 This feathered star quilt you have seen before. This is Marja's quilt. Stunning! She is contemplating on what kind of quilt patterns to use, as she can finally start quilting.

IMG_4842 Love the above picture.

This is Yvonne. Love the two spec's. She seems to be able to see better.

IMG_4847 Class was great. Sadly we had to miss two of our regulars. Hopefully we will see them back soon.

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