Sunday, 11 April 2010


Quilt magazines arrived!! But sadly haven't had time yet to read them.


This is what I did Sunday.  I worked on my Medallion quilt

IMG_4938 Here I'm using my new tool: the tapered tailor awl. This is not what it is meant for, but this way I can slide the fabric through without hurting myself.

IMG_4940 Another garland.

IMG_4947 Nice view.

IMG_4948Another pile stacking up.

IMG_4949  IMG_4951

Nearly another block completed. Here is an impression of part of the quilt. Only need to make the 4 triangles of the Jacob's Ladder and I have completed my homework of the first lesson. By the way, coming Saturday will be our 4th lesson. Yes, I'm lagging a little behind.


Wanted to post a picture of the 8 blocks completed but Teddy had to walk through the picture. As you can see I had a busy Sunday.

At least I wasn't as lazy as Teddy.



SewCalGal said...

Looks like you are having fun quilting. And your cat is certainly having fun too. Cute post!


Dorothy B said...

Helen, your use for the awl is actually one ofthe original ways in which they were used. However, being metal it may scratch your plastic machine.

Consider using a bamboo skewer - thay are more flexible and you may want to wrap something around the end to make it easier to hold, but if the needle hits it it is less likely to break.