Thursday, 15 April 2010

Mini bee

Wednesday night we had a little mini bee at my place. I thought it was planned somewhere else. Luckily, Tonny phoned me Tuesday night to tell me that someone else was coming along. I'm sure, if she hadn't phoned, I would be standing some where else ringing on a doorbell. I also mentioned that I might need to cancel as I was still feeling pretty ill Tuesday night. But after a good long sleep till about 4 pm Wednesday, I felt a lot better than I did on Tuesday.  So around 8 pm Tonny and Marja arrived. 

At first glance I thought Tonny had been on a holiday, and I had forgotten. But look what happens when you walk the dog when the sun is shining. She has a nice summery look. Now only the rest of us need to find time for a little sun adoration.

IMG_4958  IMG_4960

Here are Tonny and Marja working on some WIP's. Underneath you see my feathered star block in progress.

IMG_4961Tineke popped in a little later. We were well on our way with our projects, but became a little distracted when she showed us what she had received from Dorry. Tineke is participating in the Civil War Tribute BOM at Quilt it & Dotty.

IMG_4962 After admiring the fabrics that come with this BOM, she showed her Feathered Star quilt to Tonny.

IMG_4965 Here are two shots of the block that Marja is working on.  Another quilt in progress.

IMG_4967  IMG_4968

Hope you liked this short show & tell.

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Berna said...

Het ziet er weer gezellig uit hoor. De feathered star van Tineke is ook erg mooi. Lijkt een beetje op die van Marja. Ik moest even goed kijken/lezen om te zien dat hij toch anders is. Naast elkaar lijken ze waarschijnlijk helemaal niet op elkaar.
Fijne avond en geniet morgen van je vrije (quilt)dag.