Monday, 5 April 2010

Making progress on the Medallion quilt

I've got myself a new foot. I was having some problems with my Husqvarna Emerald 118. It seems I bought myself a sewing machine that is not meant for patchwork. But with this new foot, the salesman said, I wouldn't notice the difference.


I think the salesman is right. Look exactly 5mm's!! Sewing is a lot easier. Lucky for me, this solved my problem, as I'm happy with my sewing machine and I didn't want to buy a new one.


For those who look real close. The corners match on the left block. The new foot is making sewing so much easier.


Love the new foot. Why doesn't Husqvarna provide this foot with this machine?


Sewing, sewing, sewing. I've made a garland.


Look at the garland I made.


First block completed!!


As I'm not the tallest person, I need a little footstool to make sitting & sewing a little easier on my back.


Oups, getting to confident. Sadly, I had to undo the left hand block underneath. See the mistake in the right hand corner? The block on the right is good.


Undoing part of the block




Made two blocks before 1 pm!! Look what a mess.


Starting with the next block.


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Berna said...

Hoi Helen, Het is te merken dat de gang er weer in zit bij je met 4 logjes in 2 dagen! Goed om te lezen. Je tuin ziet er weer fris uit en je bent goed bezig met je medaillonsampler. Laura heeft me inderdaad de flying geese methode geleerd. Laat ik het boek nou zelf in de kast hebben staan waar die methode uit komt.
Fijne pasen nog verder.