Sunday, 18 April 2010

Laura's Quilt Atelier - another lesson

Saturday was spend inside. I was again in Amersfoort learning how to make the Medallion Sampler. This course I'm doing is once a month and besides making another quilt I'm learning to use my sewing machine. Patchwork with a sewing machine is a complete different experience. I thought it would be easy making a quilt with a sewing machine but I'm finding it quit tedious, slow and difficult. I'm still deciding whether I'll do this once or continue and master this skill.

Here is my WIP. Quiet impressive now it is laid out. Here are all the Jacob's ladder blocks and one card trick block.

IMG_4984 I'd like to thank the ladies for pinning the blocks on the white sheet. I was too tired Friday night to do this. The nice thing when you take a picture of the quilt in progress is that you see the little mistakes that you don't see with your own eyes. Can you detect it?

Guess who will be undoing some of her work? Although this is not me, this is what it looks like to undo your work.

IMG_5002 Here are the other quilts in progress. The lesson always starts with 'show & tell'.

IMG_4985 IMG_4986

IMG_4987 IMG_4988

IMG_4989 IMG_4995

IMG_4998  Here we are all sitting learning a new technique.

IMG_5006 Here is me cutting fabric for the Dresden plate block .

IMG_5014 A start is made.

IMG_5017 I'm not the only one busy!

IMG_5018In the picture underneath you can see part of Berna's Medallion Sampler. By the way, Berna is the lady standing in this picture.

IMG_5019 Luckily we have some national holiday's coming along soon. I think I might use this time to work on this quilt. Will show my progress in future posts.


free indeed said...

The colors you chose for your quilt are wonderful! I really like that quilt!

Berna said...

Hij wordt echt heel erg mooi Helen. Is jouw middenstuk (medallion) ook al klaar? De quilts van de andere dames worden ook heel erg mooi. Succes!

Ruth's Place said...

Your quilt is looking great? What goes in the centre?