Sunday, 18 April 2010

In an Italian state of mind

Friday my car needed to get serviced. When I drove onto the car yard I saw a nice little Fiat500. It looked so cute. So when I gave my car keys, I asked if I could have the Fiat500.  According to the service man my lease company would have no problems with me hiring this baby. A happy Helen left the garage.   IMG_4971 It is a tiny car. Look I'm even taller than the car.



I was glad when the service man phoned to let me know my car was ready to be picked up. This little car sure has problems. The exhaust fumes seem to flow back into the car and I won't mention the smell of petrol. I'm sure there is a leakage somewhere. Driving across speed bumps was also not a pleasure. So what have a learned (which I already knew) I'm a big car person.

Driving home in my Qashqai was very pleasurable.

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