Thursday, 29 April 2010


Tonight was another FIETS-group. This is the second last one before summer break. As usual we started with 'show & tell'.

This is Yvonne's quilt. She is really putting a lot of time in this one as it needs to be finished soon for an special date. Can't tell more.


The one underneath is one of Matty's projects. The top is nearly finished.


Well the picture says it all, it is me with Zoë's quilt.


Here is one of Marja's projects. This combines the compass blocks we made a couple of seasons ago. All the blocks are laid out on a bed sheet. The top is nearly completed.


Matty, also showed her 'Star quilt'. It is nearly completely quilted.


Here are two 'star quilts' together.


Janny, has also nearly finished quilting her 'star quilt'. Both Matty & Janny can put on the border and they will have another finished quilt.


Although, the quilt underneath, is from another class. Mirjam took it with her to show the others of her progress. Will tell more about the Medallion quilt in another post.


Many seasons ago, Mirjam and I, did a Kaleidoscope workshop at the Quilt Cellar (Quiltkelder) in Putten. It was to celebrate our 20th anniversary as friends. Today Mirjam is showing us her progress. I think I better not show mine (lol). I still have only finished two blocks!! But back to the subject; isn't this a colorful quilt?


Enough 'show & tell'. Aagje (our quilt teacher) informed us about our next class / project. We are going to learn the logcabin technique. I can't wait! To contain my curiosity I've already searched the net to learn a little more about the history of the logcabin quilts. To read more click on this URL.


In the next couple of months I can decide which color scheme I'm going to use. I do think I will use this pattern, as shown in the above picture. What do you think of the above pattern? Any suggestions on quilt patterns, combining the logcabin technique, are always welcome.

What do you think is happening here?


Yes, lots of Christmas fabrics have arrived and it is only the 29th of April!!. Aagje & Riek just couldn't contain themselves. They had to show them off.  If you are in the neighborhood, just pop in at Riek's store in Putten.




Although these are not from the same range as the one's above. I had to show you a picture of these fabrics. Aren't they lovely? They are not Tilda's fabrics, but very similar.


By the way, during the next F.I.E.T.S.-group, we are going to make cicada's. I've already bought some lovely Tilda fabrics and can't wait till the end of May. Yes, I'm talking about fabric cicada's.  However, I love the noise of real cicada's they remind me of summer evenings in Australia.

The fabric cicada will however not look like this:


This is a Australian green grocer cicada.

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Berna said...

Jullie schieten allemaal lekker op met jullie projecten. Toch wel fijn om even een jaartje "rust" te hebben om dingen af te kunnen maken.