Friday, 19 March 2010

week 11

Outside my window.... it's a grey morning. Maybe I should have written this blog yesterday. We had our first beautiful spring day.  Temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. According to the weatherman the temperature is slowly creeping towards 20 degrees !!

Dreaming of.... ''sunshine on my shoulder'  and of warm, lush, sunny weather. Open windows, green trees and flower beds.


I'm hearing.... the birds twittering away in the  background. I think I might need to have a look in the garden and see if we have some young birds in nests.

I'm thinking.... one more day and it's weekend. Saturday's theme is quilting. I'll be going to Amersfoort to Laura's Quilt Atelier. I'm way behind on my homework. To0 many distractions! But who cares when you are having fun.

I am thankful for.... all the encouragement from family and friends. That they believe in me and keep on telling me things will turn out ok.  I can't help getting a little discouraged by the negativity and power of some people.

I'm wearing.... a black jumper and black jeans. Nice comfortable clothes for a working day at home. Yes, I'm still busy working for a boss who hasn't paid my salary. Nine more working days and ......? It is still unclear if I will have a job in April.  

Yesterday.... actually it was the day before yesterday. I met up with some quilt friends and worked on Zoë's Quilt.



I am remembering... how much I enjoy posting another blog .

I am going.... to the GP to get a prescription for my hay fever. Spring is definitely coming! The trees are blossoming and I'm a little allergic to their pollen. 

IMG_4635 Pictures from the backyard


From the kitchen... the smell of roasted coffee beans. I'll get another cup of coffee when I get back a little later.

I am creating.... lots of things. So many UFO's.  Two more research articles!

I am hoping.... to get a call!! 

Noticing... how much I love the anticipation of spring.

Pondering these words... "What will life bring?"

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Berna said...

We blijven duimen Helen. Het komt vast goed. Heel veel plezier bij Laura!