Sunday, 28 March 2010

Update on Medallion Sampler

It is DST in Europe!! We had to put ours clocks an hour forward.

IMG_4778As you can see in the picture above I have four clocks. Letting me know what time it is in New York, London, Amsterdam & Sydney. As you can also see, I was a little late in getting started. It was nearly lunch time before I finally got started with cutting the fabrics for my Medallion Sampler.

Some will be really surprised to read this, but I've cut all the rectangles and squares for the Jacob's Ladder block!

Putting some two sided sticky tape on the template (see picture underneath). Don't want any sliding of the template while cutting. Don't you just love this small rotary cutter. It is the 18 mm Soft cushion rotary from Clover

IMG_4784  IMG_4785

Cutting with the small rotary. This is precise work.

IMG_4787 Look at all the holes in the fabric.

IMG_4788  IMG_4789

Nice triangles.

IMG_4792 Nearly there.IMG_4794 All completed!!

IMG_4796Who knows maybe I might even do some sewing this week and complete a couple of blocks.

Encountered a small problem while preparing. I think I will definitely run out of the crème colored fabric. Luckily, I'm going to Amsterdam coming Saturday.  Hopefully I can buy some more at the quilt store Ruth and I are planning to visit.

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Anonymous said...

Wauw Helen,
Je bent goed bezig geweest vandaag!
Heeft een klein rolmes nog voordelen bij een grote?
Succes met de witte stof en veel plezier in Amsterdam met Ruth.