Sunday, 14 March 2010

Jacob's Ladder - how difficult can it be?

Saturday morning I started drawing out the pattern for the Jacob's Ladder. Then I started cutting strips and some more strips. Sunday morning I put together my first Jacob's Ladder block!!


Look at the lovely box of colour pencils. They are high quality Bruynzeel Sakura pencils. Want to know more click on this URL


The Jacob's Ladder block is taking shape.


Cutting my first 6 cm strip of fabric.


Look at the lovely fabrics I'll be using in the quilt.


Sewing two strips together.


Cutting more strips, just before breakfast. Yes I'm in my PJ's.


Got dressed and sewing more strips together to make some squares. This is a nine-patch block!


In the picture above, I'm still smiling and having fun, until I laid-out the little squares. Do you see where I went wrong?


Undid my work and laid-out the block again!


Again, I did it wrong! See picture underneath. I'm getting a little discouraged and angry now.


Finally, but after undoing my work three times I'm taking a break and post my efforts to let the whole world know.


I think I'll use this block as an example. As the corners of the triangles don't meet-up as they should. I can't undo it another time, the fabric won't take it.

In total I have to make 8 whole blocks and 4 half one's before next Saturday. Oh, I nearly forgot, I also have to make 4 card-tricks blocks. I don't think I'll get it all done.


Ruth's Place said...

Lovely fabrics, I'm glad you got it right in the end.

Anonymous said...

Steeds kijken...maar ook dan blijf je uithalen (ervaring!)
Maar het wordt wel mooi

Anonymous said...

De stofjes zijn prachtig en het patroon is erg opletten geblazen.
Toch fijn om te zien dat je weer tijd kunt vinden om te patchen.