Sunday, 7 March 2010

Day journal - a new start

Outside my window - a glorious sun. We are having a really sunny day today over here in the Netherlands, even though the temperatures are still below 5 degrees Celsius. No cloud to be seen!!

I'm thinking - about what the future will be bring. Hoping for a new job that will challenge me, but also one that will be gratifying.

I'm thankful for - Hubby, who is giving me lots of support and encouragement during these times.

I'm wearing - my jeans and a warm woolen jumper. My hair is up and wearing little to hardly any make-up.

I'm loving - the prospect of overcoming new life challenges

I'm hoping - to find a new job soon. There is a chance that my new employer, will be the one that buys the bankrupt company I currently work for.  I've also had some other reactions on my job applications.

I'm drooling over - Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) from Numb3rs.

Ron Marrow_Don2

I'm reading - The Gift by Cecelia Ahern

I'm hearing - my computer & that of Hubby humming in the background. Hubby & I are currently sharing my study. I'll have my study back at the end of April, when hopefully he's room is finished. There is some work being done there.

On my mind - a busy week ahead. Working for my current employer, lots of meetings & writing proposals & project plans, writing cover letters for new job opportunities, going for an job interview and meeting my dietician (have to learn more about low salt diet) .

From my picture journal - some pictures of a quilting bee a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_4519 Here are Tonny, Marja & TinekeIMG_4522 Tonny is showing a new book she bought. IMG_4528 This is Tonny's feathered star quilt, nearly finished. IMG_4530 Another project Tonny is working on. This is the first block of a new quilt. IMG_4532In the picture above you can see how the quilt will look like. 

Pondering these words - 'being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means you've decided to live life despite it's imperfections. So be happy as life sucks... but you're doing just fine'.

From the tummy - I think I need to start dinner. Eating cauliflower, potatoes & fish fingers tonight :) By the way Hubby is doing the fish fingers!

I'm wondering - why these times (prospect of unemployment) is making me feel so anxious. Let's be truthful: unemployment benefits aren't bad in the Netherlands, certainly when you take my current salary in account.

Imaging what to do - as from the 1st of April: catching up with lots of reading. There are so many books I still need to read that are gathering dust in my bookcase. Finishing all those UFO's & USO's (UnStarted Objects). Sitting and basking in the spring sun. Getting the garden ready for the summer. Spring cleaning the house!

I'm stitching - Zoë's quilt tonight.

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