Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Job security

Tuesday late in the afternoon I heard that I would be able to hold on to the job that I have been doing for the past 3 years. No dole, no unemployment. I, however, will be working under another company name, as my previous employer has gone bankrupt. We have been taken over! It were 6 hard and strenuous weeks. Hopefully I won't have to experience that again soon.

Luckily, I can continue with what I have build-up. All my effort the past 3 years has not been lost.


I'm in a celebrating mood.


And you know what really impresses me, the new company's mascot / logo is a beaver.

image I love good thought-out logo's. As you may know a logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. So when you see a beaver you know which company I work for. Since Wednesday, I even have a beaver in my car! I'll take a picture of it soon.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Update on Medallion Sampler

It is DST in Europe!! We had to put ours clocks an hour forward.

IMG_4778As you can see in the picture above I have four clocks. Letting me know what time it is in New York, London, Amsterdam & Sydney. As you can also see, I was a little late in getting started. It was nearly lunch time before I finally got started with cutting the fabrics for my Medallion Sampler.

Some will be really surprised to read this, but I've cut all the rectangles and squares for the Jacob's Ladder block!

Putting some two sided sticky tape on the template (see picture underneath). Don't want any sliding of the template while cutting. Don't you just love this small rotary cutter. It is the 18 mm Soft cushion rotary from Clover

IMG_4784  IMG_4785

Cutting with the small rotary. This is precise work.

IMG_4787 Look at all the holes in the fabric.

IMG_4788  IMG_4789

Nice triangles.

IMG_4792 Nearly there.IMG_4794 All completed!!

IMG_4796Who knows maybe I might even do some sewing this week and complete a couple of blocks.

Encountered a small problem while preparing. I think I will definitely run out of the crème colored fabric. Luckily, I'm going to Amsterdam coming Saturday.  Hopefully I can buy some more at the quilt store Ruth and I are planning to visit.

week 12

Outside my window... blue skies and thin white clouds. The sun is letting itself be seen. Sunray's coming through the window and making beautiful patterns on my desk. Fresh breeze coming through my open window. Birds letting themselves be heard. Could it be because our next-door neighbour has build an aviary??

I am thinking...what I would like to accomplish today and trying to find the motivation to get dressed and start cutting some triangles, squares and rectangles for my Medallion Sampler. But I'm letting me first write this blog icon_biggrin

I am thankful for... daylight saving (DST). We are slowly approaching summer! I'm enjoying spring. It is already giving me lots of positive energy. Might even sit in the backyard a little later on the day and catch some sunray's. 

I'm also thankful for ... the unexpected compliment I received last Wednesday. A client was very positive of my skills, effort and perseverance. After evaluating the project I had managed for them, I received a very complimenting closing speech and a book for future reference.

boek The book is about how managing can be the source of the problem but also the solution. I've been walking with my head in the clouds ever since and feeling a little good about myself. But you had to see me blushing. I'm good in giving complements but not so good in receiving them blushing_smiley .

I am wearing... my PJ's. This is not a bad thing, is it?

I am going... to work on my Medallion Sampler. Really!!!

From the livingroom I'm hearing... noises from Formula 1. Hubby is watching it now. I didn't realize till now that it is in Melbourne! Yes, it is Sunday the 28th today.

I am creating... nice patterns on Zoë's quilt. Slowly I'm getting myself back into 'flow'. Flow is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. But back to the subject; Zoë's quilt.

IMG_4762 Aren't I looking serious (or is this concentration)? Making progress!


I am hoping... for good news coming Tuesday. Hoping I will still have a job (and a good salary).

Looking forward to.... coming Saturday. I'm meeting up with Ruth from Ruth's place. The Australian quilter & knitter living in South Africa.

I am wondering...  what the future will bring.

Pondering these words... 'All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you' - Walt Disney. The last couple of weeks have been difficult (and this is understating the fact). The unexpected has happened and it threw me out of balance in a big way. These words keep me going ...'We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope' - Martin Luther King

Around the house... things are cleared away. Did some spring cleaning!! There are no obstacles not to start cutting a little later.

Happy about... that spring is really here and that I might be getting a present. Will let you know next week what it was! Have been wanting this for a long...... time.

One of my favorite things... is having a BBQ. Yesterday evening we had our first BBQ for the season. It was nice to have a good old friend over to enjoy this with us.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Medallion Sampler - lesson 3

Today it didn't matter that it was raining practically all day. Why? Because today was our third lesson. Hopefully, you remember, but just to bring you back up speed, since January once a month some apprentice quilters come together to learn to make a beautiful Medallion Sampler at Laura's Quilt Atelier.

In the centre you see my Jacob's Ladder block. I'm way behind compared to the other ladies, as you will see in the next couple of photo's.

IMG_4649 This is Mirjam's Medallion Sampler in progress. She is using Dutch antique reproduction quilting fabric from Den Haan & Wagenmakers. Don't you just love the card trick blocks on the outside?

IMG_4650 Here is another example. This quilter is using predominantly African printed fabrics.

IMG_4652Again a whole different looking Medallion Sample just by using different fabrics.

IMG_4654 In the next two quilts in progress you see that these ladies are using similar fabrics, but look how different these quilts are turning out. Here is the first quilt. 

IMG_4656 Here is the second quilt.

IMG_4660 Both ladies are smiling on request. Everyone always looks so serious in previous photos. It is nice to get one where everyone is smiling.

IMG_4665 We learned how to stretch a block if you come a couple of millimeters short. An easy trick once you know how. I might need to save up for another new quilt gadget.

IMG_4667 I also learned how to draw lines to make flying geese quick and easy. The photo above and below are 'reminders' so when I finally catch up I will remember how to do it. 

IMG_4671 Was having some problems during sewing. The rectangles & squares were a couple of millimeters too small. First I thought it might be the sewing machine, but it seems that I cut the fabric too tight. I will have to lay my ruler a little different, than I thought. If only problems were that easily solved. For a moment I thought I might have to ask Hubby for a new and better sewing machine smiley_3


Slowly getting the hang of it.

In the afternoon we focused on making a Mariner's Compass. A big one: 42,5 x 42,5 centimeters. 

IMG_4684 I think I will use these fabrics. Are you getting an impression of how it will turn out. To get an idea, we laid out a quarter and put a mirror against it. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll post a picture of the whole thing.

In the pictures below, you see how it is put together.






















Once you have done the check, you have to fit the border on. It is wise to put some markers on the border fabric and pin the point of the stars on the markers.


Well I better start planning some time for all the homework we have gotten. Before I know it, it will be the  17th of April.

Friday, 19 March 2010

week 11

Outside my window.... it's a grey morning. Maybe I should have written this blog yesterday. We had our first beautiful spring day.  Temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. According to the weatherman the temperature is slowly creeping towards 20 degrees !!

Dreaming of.... ''sunshine on my shoulder'  and of warm, lush, sunny weather. Open windows, green trees and flower beds.


I'm hearing.... the birds twittering away in the  background. I think I might need to have a look in the garden and see if we have some young birds in nests.

I'm thinking.... one more day and it's weekend. Saturday's theme is quilting. I'll be going to Amersfoort to Laura's Quilt Atelier. I'm way behind on my homework. To0 many distractions! But who cares when you are having fun.

I am thankful for.... all the encouragement from family and friends. That they believe in me and keep on telling me things will turn out ok.  I can't help getting a little discouraged by the negativity and power of some people.

I'm wearing.... a black jumper and black jeans. Nice comfortable clothes for a working day at home. Yes, I'm still busy working for a boss who hasn't paid my salary. Nine more working days and ......? It is still unclear if I will have a job in April.  

Yesterday.... actually it was the day before yesterday. I met up with some quilt friends and worked on Zoë's Quilt.



I am remembering... how much I enjoy posting another blog .

I am going.... to the GP to get a prescription for my hay fever. Spring is definitely coming! The trees are blossoming and I'm a little allergic to their pollen. 

IMG_4635 Pictures from the backyard


From the kitchen... the smell of roasted coffee beans. I'll get another cup of coffee when I get back a little later.

I am creating.... lots of things. So many UFO's.  Two more research articles!

I am hoping.... to get a call!! 

Noticing... how much I love the anticipation of spring.

Pondering these words... "What will life bring?"

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Jacob's Ladder - how difficult can it be?

Saturday morning I started drawing out the pattern for the Jacob's Ladder. Then I started cutting strips and some more strips. Sunday morning I put together my first Jacob's Ladder block!!


Look at the lovely box of colour pencils. They are high quality Bruynzeel Sakura pencils. Want to know more click on this URL


The Jacob's Ladder block is taking shape.


Cutting my first 6 cm strip of fabric.


Look at the lovely fabrics I'll be using in the quilt.


Sewing two strips together.


Cutting more strips, just before breakfast. Yes I'm in my PJ's.


Got dressed and sewing more strips together to make some squares. This is a nine-patch block!


In the picture above, I'm still smiling and having fun, until I laid-out the little squares. Do you see where I went wrong?


Undid my work and laid-out the block again!


Again, I did it wrong! See picture underneath. I'm getting a little discouraged and angry now.


Finally, but after undoing my work three times I'm taking a break and post my efforts to let the whole world know.


I think I'll use this block as an example. As the corners of the triangles don't meet-up as they should. I can't undo it another time, the fabric won't take it.

In total I have to make 8 whole blocks and 4 half one's before next Saturday. Oh, I nearly forgot, I also have to make 4 card-tricks blocks. I don't think I'll get it all done.