Sunday, 28 February 2010

Get your mojo back

I'm going to start my own little GYMB club. GYMB stands for get your mojo back. Basically I'm doing some soul searching to  find that mojo which in my case has disappeared.

For some of us MOJO is a new word. It means to be able to find something you like doing, and to do it with passion, zeal, energy and enthusiasm. We are always busy finding our MOJO.

I'm busy trying to get grips on my work situation. I'm trying to decide which route I'm going to take. I'm a little apprehensive.

As I don't want to be in this situation any longer, I have come to the conclusion that I need to change. Which strategy will I choose? I'm examining what I can do to change my situation. I'm focusing on my circle of influence. I'm exploring my possibilities so that I can live my dream, and that is to make health care a better place to be in. I want to create patient empowerment & patient participation.

I also want to get my mojo back for quilting. But I have to accept that all my energy is going towards creating new (work) possibilities.


Valentina said...

Dear Helen, you have been on my mind since you shared what happened at work. I had not introduced myself to you before, so I felt doing so at the time would seem inappropriate: However, I am here now to let you know: YOU GO, GIRL! And that I would be honoured in joining you in your MOJO group.
Helen, I am with you!
Valentina from Cyprus

Charleen Tupper said...

Hi Helen --if you need support around this I've created a website called and a blog to support people in your very situation. Will be publishing a Mojo Manifesto soon as well!

Warmest regards,
Charleen T.

quiltmom said...

I am sure you will find your Mojo soon. It is hard when other things are happening to get everything together at once. Remember to be kind to yourself as your changes.
Your blogging friends are here rooting for you and ready to help when you need us.
Warmest regards,

Berna said...

Hoi Helen,
Ik denk veel aan je. Voor zover ik je ken, en dat is natuurlijk helemaal niet goed, krijg je je girlpower wel weer terug (of je Mojo zoals jij het noemt). Denk aan jezelf en wil niet teveel. probeer wat afstand te nemen om te zien hoe nu verder. En mocht je behoefte hebben aan een praatje of afleiding in het quilten, laat het maar horen.