Sunday, 28 February 2010

Get your mojo back

I'm going to start my own little GYMB club. GYMB stands for get your mojo back. Basically I'm doing some soul searching to  find that mojo which in my case has disappeared.

For some of us MOJO is a new word. It means to be able to find something you like doing, and to do it with passion, zeal, energy and enthusiasm. We are always busy finding our MOJO.

I'm busy trying to get grips on my work situation. I'm trying to decide which route I'm going to take. I'm a little apprehensive.

As I don't want to be in this situation any longer, I have come to the conclusion that I need to change. Which strategy will I choose? I'm examining what I can do to change my situation. I'm focusing on my circle of influence. I'm exploring my possibilities so that I can live my dream, and that is to make health care a better place to be in. I want to create patient empowerment & patient participation.

I also want to get my mojo back for quilting. But I have to accept that all my energy is going towards creating new (work) possibilities.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Madellion sampler - lesson 2

Saturday was day 2 of the Madellion sampler course I'm following at Laura's Quilt Atelier. As many will have guessed I didn't do my homework. My future joblessness is consuming all my thoughts and I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything else. Anyway, I did go to class and had a lovely time. It was great to be busy with something else, rather than work related activities.

Here is a depiction of my day.

Mirjam was a little late, as she had some difficulties finding the carpark. After she arrived, the door was locked so that no unexpected visitors could entre the shop. Please remember when visiting Laura's Quilt Atelier, she is only open from Wednesday's till Saturday's, from 12 am till 4 pm. 


One of the quilts in progress. The centre of the Madellion sampler. 


Here is Laura & one of the ladies placing all the blocks on a bedsheet.


The nearly finished centre.


Another centre part laid out. They all look so different.


The two ladies on the right are using the same fabrics, but the centre part of the Madellion quilt still looks so different.


Here is the other quilt.


Mirjam, you know, as she also does the classes with me at the Quilt Cellar (Quiltkelder) in Putten. Mirjam is using fabric from Den Haan & Wagenmakers.


This is looking stunning so far. Can't wait to see how it looks when finished.


Here is me at the cutting table. This is one nifty gadget. Hopefully, when I've secured my job/future, I can buy it. Don't want to spend any money at the moment if it is not necessary. So I'll just use my cutting board by laying it out on the dinning table.


Here is Laura showing us the mirror trick.


Lesson two is focused on learning to make the card trick block.


After much consideration, I'll be using these fabrics for this block.


The card trick block in progress.


life changing moments

Just 10 days ago my company announced that  they had applied for suspension of payment & therefore will most probably go under. I'll be jobless soon, as will 140 other people. The time has come to choose a new carrier path. I don't know at the moment were this path will lead me but I expect/hope the outcome will be good. At the moment it is still business as usual, but it is quit difficult to be joyful & professional when others are deciding your future. Experiencing that others can decide your fate, is an experience I would have preferred not to have learned. 

This is the reason it has been a little quiet on my blog. I'm busy getting my working life in order. When life is a little difficult I find it hard to quilt, it doesn't soothe me. To be truthful I would prefer to lash out, but I have to remain calm.

I've nearly walked through the phases of loss: shock, distress, adjustment, and moving on. I'm ready to put my energy into the present and future. One of the first steps is updating my blog.

One of the reasons I'm finding it hard to let go,  is because I loved this job and I was good at it. I wasn't ready for a next step, but now I'm being forced.