Sunday, 17 January 2010

In memory of

My 'oma' (grandmother) died on the 13th of January at the age of 96.

You wouldn't guess she was that old. This picture was taken of her last April. Grandmothers are just "antique" little girls. The little girl is my niece and her great granddaughter. They are getting ready to blow bubbles.


In Memory of You

I find an old photograph
and see your smile.
As I feel your presence anew,
I am filled with warmth
and my heart remembers love.

I remember who you used to be
the laughter we shared
and wonder what you have become.
Where are you now,
Where did you go,
When the body is left behind
and the spirit is released to fly?

Perhaps you are the morning bird
singing joyfully at sunrise,
or the butterfly that dances
so carelessly on the breeze
or the rainbow of colors
that brightens a stormy sky
or the fingers of afternoon mist
delicately reaching over the mountains
or the final few rays of the setting sun
lighting up the skies
edging the clouds with a magical glow.

I miss your being
but I feel your presence,
In whatever form you choose to take,
however you now choose to be.

I remember you.

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Berna said...

Hallo Helen,
Dit bericht heb ik vanochtend gemist. Gecondoleerd met het overlijden van je oma. Ook al was ze dan 96, oma's hebben een speciaal plekje in je hart. Sterkte.