Saturday, 9 January 2010


I guess you must wonder what this means. FIETS-group stands for 'fijn individueel en toch samen'. Some of you are now saying 'translation please': nicely individually but together. I guess you have to be Dutch to appreciate this abbreviation.

Anyhow, our first FIETS-group was the beginning of January. We always start with 'show and tell'. How do you like this?


Or this?


Maybe, you prefer these blocks


Or maybe this baby quilt


Here is Aagje, our teacher, showing how it is done.


Here is another block in progress. Yes, mine!! Slowly getting there. Centre block is nearly done.


For those who would like to do something different. You can now learn how to make this miniature quilt shop at the Quilt Cellar. Although I was tempted to enroll for this mini-workshop, I decided to wait till fall. I'm just too busy. Some of the quilters in the above picture did enroll. Expect to see some pictures of their projects in the near future.


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