Saturday, 5 December 2009

Quilt lesson - last lesson for this season

Last Thursday was the last lesson for this season. Time really flies. I'm having a hard time believing it is nearly Christmas. A couple of times a day, I'm pretty sure, that it is still summer. But when I'm caught in the rain without a coat I remember, it is winter. Still, it does give a nice feeling, thinking it is still summer.

But back to the subject. Tineke is making lots of progress. However, she is having a hard time deciding which fabric she want to use in this feathered star quilt top. She has been driving to different shops buying all that they had of the crème colored fabric. She even bought some red fabric, to be on the save side.

Here are the nine finished blocks.


An impression of the decision process, which shall she choose.

IMG_4129 IMG_4130

It is hard deciding, so our teacher, decided for an different approach. The fabric was rolled out.

Will it be this one?

IMG_4131 Our shall it be this one?


After much discussion, Tineke chose the one where the red is on the outside and the green floral fabric is on the inside.  This way the focus is placed on the blocks, especially the centre block.

Don't you just love this quilt? Marja sewed on the borders, as she wanted some help with the corners.

IMG_4125 We have a new member. Yvon is making a star quilt. This is a picture of her blocks.

IMG_4134 Here is our new member in deep discussion with Tonny.


Tonny is making some beautiful Christmas quilts. Don't you just love the appliqué? Very skilled quilter our Tonny. I'm sure she will have at least 20 quilts done by the time she is 60.

IMG_4135 IMG_4136

We, the others, are a little slower. We hope to have 20 quilts done when we are 80.

Some are busy with their Christmas projects.

IMG_4137 IMG_4139

IMG_4126 IMG_4127

An last impression: everyone being busy.


I'm the one who is making slow progress. My work is in the front left side of the table. I only need to finish another 2 blocks after this one and I can start putting the top together.

Hopefully the new year will bring me a little more time for quilting.

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All the very (quilty) best for 2010!