Sunday, 11 October 2009

What did I buy in Amsterdam?

This is what I bought.

IMG_3984 A bag, a VIP, a large quilt ring, and a sign.

IMG_3986Don't you just love this sign? I had to buy it. Found also the online store, if any one else wants to buy one. It is a small company located in rural Wisconsin, called Cousin Farm. But you can also buy them, where I bought mine, at Bird Blocks.

The quilt ring is huge, as you can see in the picture underneath. The quilt ring in the centre is a normal size quilt ring. I also bought the book, shown in the picture.

IMG_3987I had to buy the book for a course that will be starting coming January. In this course, I'm going to learn how to make a sampler with my sewing machine. I'll be making this sampler.

IMG_0660 The fabrics I'll use will however be different. More about this quilt in the future.

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Berna said...

Wat een mooi patroon voor je sampler! Ik ben erg benieuwd hoe die grote quiltring je bevalt. Ik had een grote maar heb uiteindelijk een kleinere gekocht omdat ik dat handiger vond. Ik hoor je ervaring wel een keer.