Sunday, 18 October 2009

Men at work

No quilting in this post. Yesterday, the men prepared the garden for winter. The forsythia scrub sadly had to be removed. If we pruned it into shape we would have no scrub left. In a couple of weeks it will be replaced by a platanus. IMG_3988 IMG_3990

Sorry I had forgotten tot take a before and after picture. In the picture on the right Hubby is showing us where the forsythia was standing.

The magnolia has been pruned into shape as has the laurel.


This strange seed was found in the magnolia tree. Never have seen this before.


If anyone know the name of this tree, please e-mail me.


The after picture. I'm always a little sad to see the garden like this. Although I like autumn, I don't like its effect on the garden. Give me spring or summer anytime. The countdown has started.


Berna said...

Altijd goed om mannen aan het werk te zien. Ben met je eens dat zo'n kale tuin heel ongezellig uitziet, daarom wacht ik met snoeien en verplaatsen tot het voorjaar. En wat een bijzondere zaaddoos heeft die Magnolia. Nog nooit gezien! said...

Hi, hope you find my comment, the next pic shows a Hamamelis mollis,Zaubernuß, wich bloos in the warmer days of winter.
from a quilting gardener.