Sunday, 25 October 2009

Christmas wreath or Winter wreath

A busy day today. First I played a game of golf. That took up most of my morning. In the afternoon I started on my Christmas wreath. Still, I think that 'winter wreath' is a more appropriate name. Tonny, a quilt friend wanted to make one too. So here is an impression of our afternoon.

IMG_4010 IMG_4009

A messy and a not so messy pile.  With our coffee break, we had  some taai taai.

IMG_4011 IMG_4015

Taai taai is traditionally baked for St Nicholas' Eve in the Netherlands (which is the 5th of December). Like with everything else, you can usually buy it a couple of months before the event. What always surprises me, only a couple of days after the 5th of December it is al gone. You won't find it in any store till the end of October the next year. Spices used in this delicatessen are cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamom and white pepper. Other necessities are white flour, brown sugar, and butter. If you want a recipe you will have to google. But if you are ever in the Netherlands around November do try this, or maybe try some speculaas or peppernoten.

IMG_4018 IMG_4020

here is me sitting behind the sewing machine, and sewing. 

IMG_4022 In the photo above are the fabrics that Tonny is using for her winter wreath. In the photo below are the fabrics that I have chosen to use.

IMG_4023 IMG_4026

Stuffing the little pockets and then sewing them shut. 

IMG_4029 IMG_4030

In total I will have to complete 50 little cushions. According to another quilter, I will need more than the 32 instructed. Once I've sewn them all together, and have tied them onto a wreath, it will hopefully look like this.

I hope your afternoon was just as enjoyable as mine.


Anonymous said...

Zoals altijd zag dit er weer heel gezellig uit en hebben jullie de zondag goed besteed.
Hou je taai taai, Marja

Berna said...

Jullie hebben goed je best gedaan deze zondag. Ik ben benieuwd wanneer ze af zijn en kijk uit naar het resultaat.

Anonymous said...

Helen, I think the wreath would be a great idea for my daycare class to participate in. Is there a pattern or is it an idea that came to life? Thanks a million I love traveling with you on your journeys.

Annie ~ Texas