Friday, 18 September 2009

Jen Jones, Wales

This year I finally was able to visit Jen Jones and admire the Welsh quilts and blankets that she has collected. As it was a little wet Tuesday morning and the weather forecast wasn't predicting any better weather we decided to go Lampeter to visit Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Centre .


Although the centre was smaller than I thought it would be, I must say, I'm glad we made the effort to drive from Bala to Lampeter (a two and half hour drive).

IMG_3597 IMG_3598



As Jen Jones wasn't in Lampeter and as I really wanted to meet her in person, I was inclined to ask Hubby for another favor and drive to Pontbrendu, Llanybydder. Sadly, the assistant in Lampeter informed me that she was not there either, only her cleaner was there. So this year I again wasn't able to visit the shop!

The pictures underneath are an impression of the antique quilts and blankets displayed in the gallery.

IMG_3601 The touching display table of some samplers. Isn't this a good idea for all those people who can't contain themselves, and need to touch and feel to truly enjoy a quilt.





For memories sake, I bought these two books. Lucky me, they didn't sell any fabric at the centre, so I was able to contain myself!!


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