Sunday, 20 September 2009


My iron is broken!

Philips  Strijksysteem met stoomdruk  GC8220 the GC8220

It seems that after every vacation something doesn't work when we get back. Three years ago, my beautiful Gaggia Espresso Machine, last year it was the iron, and this year it is again the iron. Thank G.. they were able to fix the Gaggia! I really wouldn't know how to survive without my coffee. Getting it fixed however set me back financially for a while and I had to live without my machine for 6 weeks.

Last years iron, got replaced. So why did this iron break down in just 15 months time?? Is it really because it is a Philips? I'm kind of hoping Philips will be able to fix it, no charge. Although I expect it will cost quiet a lot as the warranty has lapsed (3 months ago). If it is too much, we will have to get a new one. Any advice?

At the moment I'm ironing with an old steam iron, and ironing isn't as much fun crying_smiley

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