Sunday, 27 September 2009

the temptation was too great

Last year I saw this beautiful Christmas wreath that Bep Elshof made on her blog. Lots of other Dutch quilters also made one. This year I saw that you could buy the fabric online at Beps Atelier - webshop. So guess what I did Sunday evening, I went online and ordered the materials necessary to make this wreath.


Last year I had already bought the other necessities:  a raffia wreath and strips of raffia fibers.

If you want to make one to, click on this URL for more instructions.

Hope to post a picture of my wreath sometime near Christmas.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

While away

After skimming 1873 posts I found these two new websites. I think they are worth mentioning: Pink and Barbara has a new website and these merry Australian ladies decided to put up the  blog Gum Tree designers.

After sorting 3 weeks of mail I came across this magazine.

Hopefully my quilt gang (Marja, Matty, Jannie, Mirjam, and Tonny) have appreciated all my posts!! I will try to post a little more often in the next couple of weeks.


My iron is broken!

Philips  Strijksysteem met stoomdruk  GC8220 the GC8220

It seems that after every vacation something doesn't work when we get back. Three years ago, my beautiful Gaggia Espresso Machine, last year it was the iron, and this year it is again the iron. Thank G.. they were able to fix the Gaggia! I really wouldn't know how to survive without my coffee. Getting it fixed however set me back financially for a while and I had to live without my machine for 6 weeks.

Last years iron, got replaced. So why did this iron break down in just 15 months time?? Is it really because it is a Philips? I'm kind of hoping Philips will be able to fix it, no charge. Although I expect it will cost quiet a lot as the warranty has lapsed (3 months ago). If it is too much, we will have to get a new one. Any advice?

At the moment I'm ironing with an old steam iron, and ironing isn't as much fun crying_smiley

Vacation photos - part two

To get an impression of our holiday in Wales, you have to watch part two of the slideshow.

Isn't northern Wales beautiful?


Vacation photos - part one

This slideshow is a impression of our vacation in northern Wales.


Do you know how many posts I have missed the last 4 weeks? This is what happens when you priorities your chores and go and do a course and go on vacation. I can't believe it but when I opened bloglines this morning I saw the following number 1873. image

I have to read 1873 posts!! I think I might skim through most of them. Hopefully I will know what you other quilters are up to, without spending too many hours behind the computer. I still need to do some ironing, cleaning and prepare myself for another course that starts next week!! Sadly, Sunday only has so many hours!

PS. I'll be posting my vacations photos today!!

First lesson autumn 2009

It was a long summer. My last lesson was in April as we had a family holiday at Como lake, Italy, in May. During our first lesson, two sadly had to miss out as they had other engagements. Hopefully with this slideshow they will get an impression of what they have missed out. As you will see some really worked hard this summer. Most have nearly finished their feathered star tops.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Jen Jones, Wales

This year I finally was able to visit Jen Jones and admire the Welsh quilts and blankets that she has collected. As it was a little wet Tuesday morning and the weather forecast wasn't predicting any better weather we decided to go Lampeter to visit Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Centre .


Although the centre was smaller than I thought it would be, I must say, I'm glad we made the effort to drive from Bala to Lampeter (a two and half hour drive).

IMG_3597 IMG_3598



As Jen Jones wasn't in Lampeter and as I really wanted to meet her in person, I was inclined to ask Hubby for another favor and drive to Pontbrendu, Llanybydder. Sadly, the assistant in Lampeter informed me that she was not there either, only her cleaner was there. So this year I again wasn't able to visit the shop!

The pictures underneath are an impression of the antique quilts and blankets displayed in the gallery.

IMG_3601 The touching display table of some samplers. Isn't this a good idea for all those people who can't contain themselves, and need to touch and feel to truly enjoy a quilt.





For memories sake, I bought these two books. Lucky me, they didn't sell any fabric at the centre, so I was able to contain myself!!


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I'm back!!

It has been some time since I blogged. Why? Because I did a course in the UK beginning of September and I had my annual vacation afterwards!! So, I missed posting these photos of the Quiltmarkt at the end of august.

The new quilt season will start soon!! Our first lesson will be on the 17th of September.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Memories - flashback

End of may we had our annual quiltmarkt. This was lots of fun and to give an impression I've decided to post some pictures of that day, again.