Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Teddy to the doctor & postman came

For a check-up Teddy had to go to the vet. He likes his new  cat carrier. I initially thought this would take some effort to get him inside, I even though he might not fit, but I removed the door and before I knew it, he was inside. Travelling has become a lot easier.


How are your trips to the vet? Is your cat quiet or does he cry? Teddy makes some terrible noises in the car. He doesn't seem to be very impressed being allowed to travel in my Nissan Qashqai. You'd think I was doing the most terrible thing to him. Luckily he cries only on the trip towards the vet. After the visit he is always very contend travelling back home and very quiet.

For those who might be worried, he is OK. It was only a check-up.

The postman also delivered two parcels. McCall's Quilting magazine and my third project from 'Under the Mulberry Tree'. This is a Natalie Ross in Stitches project.

IMG_3431Well this will be another project that will go in the box 'future project to do' . This box is pretty full blushing_smiley .

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Ruth's Place said...

Our cat hates the car. He runs and hides the minute the cat carrier comes out and he will fight and scratch not to go into it. Invariably he will poop as soon as the car starts.

The calmest he's ever been was in the car after we picked him up from the 12 hour flight from Australia. I think he was so stunned by the flying, and so relieved to see us that he forgot how much he hates the car.