Sunday, 12 July 2009

Look what the Quilter posted

During my daily ritual I came across this list that Paula posted recently. She posted a list on '10 ways to save time for quilting'.

This is just what the doctor ordered. She hit the nail on the head by posting this. My biggest downfalls are: focusing on work related activities, spending lots of time in the car due to traffic congestion, for health reasons having to commit to my exercise program, and #6 and #8. My goal for today however, I'm really going to do some quilting.

By the way, yesterday my mum helped me sort out the feathered star block. Do you remember, I (again) made a little mistake, and had to undo some of my work. Well, together we solved the problem. I now can try to complete this block.

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Fiesta said...

Helen thank you for sharing that.