Friday, 24 July 2009

Antique quilts

Thanks to Kathie, I came across this site. If you want to see some antique quilts, you definitely need to click on the URL above. The Volckening collection is amazing. To be owner of 60 19th and 20th century American quilts. How lucky can you be. One day I do hope to have at least 20 hand made quilts! But as you know I make everything by hand and so the hours, days, months pass, showing little progress. Luckily I'm still young, so I should be able to make 20 in my life time. I've got 5 WIP's and one finished quilt!! I'm at least on my way.

While you are surfing the web, maybe you can find time to also visit Lori's blog.


Jackie said...

HI Helen, Thanks for the links! Those quilts are just wonderful. You are well on your way to the 20!

Bill Volckening said...

Hi Helen, I'm glad you enjoyed the quilts. They represent about half of my collection, and some of the finest and most unusual examples. I am working on documentation this year, and hope to add more images to the web site in the future. Cheers! Bill Volckening