Thursday, 16 July 2009

Another get together

This post is to show ''our'' progress. The quilt group is busy completing their feathered star quilts.


Tineke only has to complete another two blocks and she will have all her blocks done. Jannie is a little further along. She has nearly completed her top!!


I had to make a picture of the back side. Now you know why. Doesn't the back look just as nice & neat as the front?


As you can see, we don't only work, we also talk a lot.


In the picture underneath you can see Marja's progress. Wow, she has completed all nine blocks and is figuring out how to put the top together. It is amazing how much she has done in the past couple of weeks.


In the next picture you can see ''concentration''. Everyone is giving advice on which fabric to use where. Can't wait to see what Marja has decided.


I'm lagging a little behind. This is my third block. Need only to do another 6!!! Luckily, I have another two months before our lessons start again. 


Hope you enjoyed ''show & tell''.

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Jackie said...

Wow, what progress on the feathered stars. They are all just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.