Friday, 5 June 2009

patchwork & quilting

Wednesday I had some quilt friends over at my place. It always amazes me how they find the time to make their beautiful projects.


This is our routine: we usually always first begin looking through the books that one of us has brought along. Usually each of us has at least bought one new book. In our own way we are helping the economy. But in truth, I have to admit we buy too many. After looking through the books, we are always a little envious of all those people that have already made the quilt that we would love to make and own.


After looking through all the books, we also nearly always conclude that we just don't have enough ''quilt'' time. We know will never find the time to make all the quilts we really wish to make.

However, look what is keeping Jannie busy.


This is becoming a beauty.


Look at the centre feathers, they are really tiny.

Underneath is one of Tony's projects. She is busy with the boarder at the moment.



Hope you liked seeing what some of us are up to.

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Becky said...

Wow, would love to see a picture of Jannies when it is finished.