Sunday, 31 May 2009

Quilt market in Putten, NL

Here I was just sitting down to soak up some sun, when it disappeared behind the clouds. Lots of dark clouds have al of a sudden appeared. I'm kind of hoping the sun will show itself again soon, so here I am sitting behind my computer catching up on some blogging while sitting in my bathers.

Yesterday I had to demonstrate the rose maker, the puff maker and ribbon maker. Most successful was the rose maker en ribbon maker.

Here is an impression:

IMG_3017 IMG_3018

Isn't this a beautiful bag in the picture above on the right?

IMG_3019 IMG_3020

Some quilts

 IMG_3022 IMG_3023

 IMG_3024 IMG_3025

Underneath in the picture on the right is me. Here I'm trying to show how to use the puff maker.

IMG_3028 IMG_3030

Tonny, as you can see is very concentrated. She is making little hexagons.

IMG_3032 IMG_3035

What a mess, roses, ribbons etc. Here is picture of a cat quilt. I'm sure someone will appreciate that I posted this picture.

 IMG_3036 IMG_3031

In the picture underneath is the owner of the shop.


In the last picture you can see the gift I received as thanks for demonstrating the Clover products. It is a friendship quilt kit. The book and hexagons I bought for myself.

Meanwhile, the sun has appeared again and I've been sunning. Quickly popped upstairs too cool down and to finish the post.

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