Sunday, 17 May 2009

Demonstrating bow maker, rose maker & puff-quilting-maker soon!!

In two weeks the Quilt Cellar will have her annual Quilt market. Besides viewing lovely quilts and other projects in progress, you can also see some demonstrations. I will be demonstrating the following Clover products:

IMG_2927 IMG_2928

IMG_2930Yesterday I picked up some ribbon and fabric so that I can practice the coming days using these tools.


I'll show you my progress soon battingeyelash_smiley

If you want to come, the quilt market will be held on the 30th of May. To find out more, click on this link to Quilt Cellar Putten.

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suz said...

I saw both of these demonstrated at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, PA. I have made ribbon roses before (the old fashioned way) and was interested in the technique. She mentioned that the paper works best once it has been used a few times because at first it is quite sticky. She also warned not to do anything to remove the folds - once they were gone it was hard to get them back. Finally, she mentioned she sewed the bottom of the rose as she went along and I got the impression that that is not in the instructions either. The puffy tool lady didn't give any extra tips and I thought the multi use of the tool was excellent. I'd love to hear what you think of them.