Sunday, 5 April 2009

Getting ready to make another block

Making a feathered star quilt is a challenge. It amazes me, how tedious and difficult the process is. Here are some pictures of the third block. I've cut all the little blocks and now I have to figure out how to put it all together again.

IMG_2394  IMG_2395

IMG_2399 IMG_2403


I've set myself a new goal!! End of May I have to have five blocks finished. I meet up with my teacher than and will get the rest of the pattern for this quilt.

Not everyone is possessed by  the feathered star quilt. Isn't this quilt in progress lovely?

IMG_2398 Yes, these are the hands of Marja and Tonny.

IMG_2397 I didn't take the next picture.  Marja, send this one to me to show her progress. Hopefully she doesn't mind, that I'm showing her block to the whole quilting community smiley_3 . Love the look of this block. The pattern is nice and fabric choice is just right.


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Berna said...

Goed bezig Helen. Ben trots op je. Je patroontje ligt al bij Marja. Misschien een extra stimulans? Of om iets kleins mee te nemen met vakantie? Is het poppetjesquiltje van Tonny? Ziet er ook leuk uit. En natuurlijk de feathered star van zus ook.