Friday, 24 April 2009

Birthday present arrived

Look what I got for my birthday.

IMG_2567 IMG_2569

 IMG_2568 IMG_2571

We had some trouble finding the right dock adapter. Look how many there are!


Isn't it tiny? You wouldn't say so, when you hear the sound, real superior quality. Want to hear more about my iGroove (click on the hyperlink)?

Listening to my iPod has become so much more enjoyable. I don't like having the earphones in my ear. The nicest thing about my iGroove, it is easy to use. It only has three buttons, power switch (on/off), louder button and softer button. This is not a challenge to use. Real functional gadget.

The little gadget will go to my study. My study is becoming a nice place to be. Isn't Hubby nice to buy this for me?

Adjustable thimble

Here I'm using my new little tool




Monday, 20 April 2009

What a mess!


Teddy (the cat) wanted to look out of the window. Somehow the coffee cup got in his way. What a mess!! He is usually not that clumsy.


Some of it dripped into my waste bin and the rest dripped onto the floor.


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Some new things

The postman tried to deliver a package, but I wasn't home during his rounds. Hubby picked the parcel up from the Post Office this week. The parcel came all the way from Australia.

All product are from Clover!

IMG_2522I got myself a seam ripper, an open sided adjustable thimble, a magnetic pin caddy and last but not least Kooly, the koala. Really love Kooly. If you want to order them, you might want to consider ordering them from OzQuilts. I'm pretty pleased with their service.

Feathered star

Last Wednesday Mirjam, Tonny and I worked on our feathered star quilt. Some of us are making lots of progress.

IMG_2508 IMG_2511


IMG_2517 IMG_2516



After much effort (believe me, it took me about an hour to figure it out) I made a mosaic for the first time using Flickr and Yahoo. First you have to make an account in Yahoo, then you upload the photos to Flickr and finally you can make the mosaic shown underneath. I used this  Mosaic Maker. I figured out how to use these applications after getting some helpful suggestions from Bloom and Hubby.  Thank you Bloom and Hubby.

mosaic9953113So how do you like the mosaic of my visit to Giethoorn?

I went to Giethoorn yesterday to meet up with a friend, whom I've know since I was 8 months old. We will be celebrating our friend of 45 years coming November! During all my travels we kept in touch.

Isn't Giethoorn (and the Netherlands) beautiful in spring? Giethoorn is our Venice (the Venice of the North).

Giethoorn is an well-known tourist attraction in the Netherlands. In the old part of the village, there were no roads (nowadays there is a cycling path). This little town is carfree. In the old days all transport was done by water over one of the many canals. Now you can hire a boat to see Giethoorn or walk along the footpath, as we did.

Monday, 13 April 2009

I'm currently reading this book

I've only read the first 150 pages and I can definitely say, it is a great read. To find what it is about, visit this site.

Happy Easter

Look what I did for Easter


Yes, I made them all by myself. See!


Lucky me the garden centre was open on Easter Monday.



I'm ready for the summer biggrin

Yes, I got myself some new Birkenstocks!!

They are Gizeh red.

Isn't he beautiful?

IMG_2481 IMG_2485

IMG_2488 IMG_2494

IMG_2496 IMG_2500


Saturday, 11 April 2009


My PIL celebrated their 4oth wedding anniversary Wednesday the 8th of April. To celebrate we stayed in Cochem, Germany, for a mini-holiday.

Cochem is situated in the valley of the Mosel, at the foot of a hill surrounded by a feudal castle, the Reichsburg, dating from 1051. The town is surrounded by vineyards. So if you like your white wines, you should go and visit the valley of the Mosel.

As we had seen the Reichsburg in January, we sent PIL up the hill to see the castle. Hubby and I decided to explore Cochem and find the mustard mill. Once we found it, we walked back to the town centre and waited till PIL got back.

IMG_2440 IMG_2441

IMG_2445 IMG_2450

After having a lovely lunch and cake we walked to the mustard mill (although I have my walking shoes on, it wasn't a long walk). The Senfmühle is a short walk from the town centre, you only have to cross the Mosel! The mill produces various types of  mustard which is produced at one of the oldest mustard mills in Europe. This mill was established in 1810. After tasting all the different types, I bought Senfmüller's speciality: Honey mustard.

After our visit to the mustard mill, Hubby and I walked back to the hotel. Now I was happy I had my walking shoes on.

On our third day we showed the PIL the Nürburgring. They had never been there! FIL and Hubby were thinking of going for a drive on the ring that morning, but decided against it, after they saw how busy it was. I've never seen so many people and cars there. I think commercially the ring did good business that day.

We parted our ways after watching others drive for a while. We stayed for another day so that we could meet up with some of Hubby's friends for dinner.


We had a lovely time. 

After reading this, you might decide to visit Cochem, please do, it is a lovely village. But don't get discouraged by the German hospitality, politeness isn't one of their better virtues (even when you pay a lot of money for their service).

Sunday, 5 April 2009


I walked the woodenclog-path (klompenpad), or to be more specific the snorrenhoefpad with a friend. We started in Achterveld, a small village in Gelderland, and walked along historical routes and unpaved paths through farmland and estates. It was a fantastic walk and we enjoyed one of the first sunny and warm day's of spring.

Here are some typical pictures of the Dutch countryside.

IMG_2406 IMG_2409

IMG_2411 IMG_2417

IMG_2413 IMG_2419

For those a little curious, no I didn't walk on my woodenclogs!!

IMG_2421 IMG_2425

Isn't our countryside beautiful?