Sunday, 22 March 2009

The story of the feathered star block

I'm having a lot of trouble putting this feathered star block together. A very observant quilter mailed me last night after I posted a picture of my progress.  What is wrong in this picture?


Well, it took me some time to see it myself (a whole 5 minutes), but this is how is should be.


Do you see the difference? How long did it take you to find my mistake?

So this morning, after finding every excuse not to go and have a look (first did some vacuum cleaning, washed my hair, had breakfast, did my finances). I really didn't want to face my mistake. In hindsight it wasn't as bad as I thought. I found the mistake pretty quickly and fixed it.


If someone see's another mistake, please e-mail me. I guess I'm not that good in puzzles! Well, I will continue on, and show you  my progress later.

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Jackie said...

That just happens sometimes. Our eyes miss things. I have a quilt hanging in my foyer that in the process of making it, I made a mistake. I looked at this quilt almost everyday for months. It wasn't until I was almost done quilting it that I saw the mistake. Oh well, the funny thing is that no one else sees it unless I point it out to them. If you go to my blog on the sidebar the quilt is pictured. It is called Easy Stash Quilt. See if you can find the mistake.