Sunday, 29 March 2009

Daylight saving!

We are one of the countries that has DST (Daylight Saving Time). I always thought that this hour shift would takes place at the same time every where, but this is not so. It is most common in the northern latitudes and southern part of Australia.

Well our clock skipped an hour last night. Adding an hour of daylight to my evenings will most likely benefit my quilting.

th7_20_91_quilting smiley

However, my body will first have to adjust to the time change. I wake up at 5.20 am every weekday. This will feel like 4.20 for a while. It will take me about a week to adjust, usually. After that, with a little more sun, I will have more energy (compared to winter).

happy snoopy

How does DST effect you?

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Jackie said...

I was unaware that all countries didn't do it at the same time. We did it a few weeks ago.