Tuesday, 10 February 2009

An impression of our quilt retreat

We arrived Friday afternoon. Some of us first went to the Fries Museum to see the exhibit. Jannie made a delicious ‘stampot boerenkool’ for us in the evening.

Saturday we all went to the Fries Museum. In the afternoon I made a quick visit to the ER. I had an allergic reaction to the dust and mite during the previous night. I was wheezing and short of breath. As I didn’t want to experience that again I went to the ER. After a quick check-up, the doctor subscribed some medication. That gave some relief.

When we all got home late in the afternoon, we unpacked our quilt stuff and worked on our feathered star quilts. We had planned to go out for dinner but decided at the last moment to cook our own. Jannie prepared another nice meal. She made ‘nasi’ for us.

Sunday we stayed in our little house working on our projects. Matty has finished her quilt top!! The rest of us are making progress, but aren’t as far.

I made ‘erwtensoep’ for our Sunday meal. Erwtensoep is a green split-pea soup,  traditionally eaten in the winter, as it is almost a stew rather than a soup.  It is old traditional Dutch dish that is customarily served with rye bread (roggebrood) and bacon.

We stayed in Earnawâld for the weekend, a small village near Leeuwarden. It is situated in the province of Friesland. Earnawâld is about a 2-hour drive from where I live. Not a long drive. As you may gather the Netherlands is a very small country!! A drive from west to east takes about 2 hours, and a drive from the north to the south is no more than 4 hours. Although we are a small country, we are very diverse in customs, traditions and landscape. It always amazes me how different every providence is. If you have the chance, please go and visit Friesland.

To get an impression of our retreat, I’ve posted another slideshow:

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