Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Feeling a little under the weather

As a public service, Glenn H. Myers (17 September 2006)  developed an illness scale. If you are under the weather and wondering if you should go to work at all or come home sick from work, ask yourself these five simple questions:

1. Have you used more than five tissues in the past 10 minutes?

2. Have you visited the restroom more than five times in the past hour? Yes

3. If you had dinner plans, would you keep them? No, cancelled my diner date last night,

4. If your cube mate had your symptoms, would you want him or her coming to the office? No

5. If your child were this sick, would you send him or her to school? No

If you are still on the fence and unsure what to do, ask yourself this: What would mom say? Mine would probably say go to work. icon_wink I however decided to stay home yesterday morning.

Sunday after my walk, I all of a sudden didn’t feel very well. It started with a headache and then nausea and temperature shifts (one moment cold and the next warm). During the night my muscle and joints started to ache.  And this all combined leaves me feeling very tired. I’m going back to bed now and try to sleep a little more. 


sewkalico said...

Get well soon :-)

quiltmom said...

HI Helen,
I hope that you are feeling better soon- it sounds like a nasty flu bug..
It is true that our logical self says one shouldn't go to work but somehow the guilt factor occasionally kicks in - at least, in my case, the voice in my head kicks in and says oh you can do it - your not that sick - Yet if it was husband or my child I would say - you better stay in bed and get better..
I am not sure where the voice comes from but I have a hard time staying home from work ..
Hope you are smarter than me and stayed home and took care of yourself .. Feel better soon..