Thursday, 12 February 2009


This week men have been working in our garden. We got ourselves a new terrace and 3 linden, to replace the tree that we removed last summer. We also leveled the garden. Coming summer we can actually sit on the grass and not fall out of the chair because of the slight slope.


fluit-00169 fluit-00177


fluit-00178 fluit-00189


fluit-00192  IMG_2206



fluit-00210  fluit-00209

IMG_2216 IMG_2214

We were kind of hoping that it would be warm enough to lay down the grass this week. Sadly, we have to wait a while. It looks a little bare at the moment, I can’t wait till spring! If all is well we will have a small lawn half March. 

Now you know what I did during my little holiday at home. Watched men work!!


Anne Marie said...

How exciting!!! You must be so anxious for spring with a beautiful new garden like yours! The good weather is coming, I can feel it in my bones!

Mad about Craft said...

Well! it makes a change from men watching us women work!

Hope you had some enjoyable sewing time.