Saturday, 17 January 2009

Change means letting go!!

I’ve been a fan of ER for a long time. I’ve watched nearly all the episodes. I might have missed only one or two. There was a time, long time ago, I had a picture of George Clooney as a screensaver on my PC. He was my dream guy for some time. I was sad to see Doug Ross go, but I accepted the change.


Then Mark Greene caught my eye. Wow, it was the guy from Top Gun. Loved his character in that film. Memories! A friend and I saw that movie 4 times!! Do you know how many years ago that was? 26!!

I was happy when they introduced Abby Lockhart. How many times did I see her pick herself up. Finally she got it together with Luka Kovac.

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Naturally I also saw John Carter grow from an intern, to a resident, to an ER doctor.  While he grew into his role, I grew also.


ER was at its best around the time that Abby decided to become a doctor. 

Many tears have been shed while watching ER. Lots of emotions have been jolted around. The impact of Gregory Pratt’s death was great.

Finally the time has come, this is the 15th and final season. I’m ready to say goodbye but it is not easy to let go. But I will also accept this change in my life.

Looking back, who was my favorite character? I think this was Abby en Carter.

How did ER affect your life the past 15 years?

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Leanne said...

Like you I have watched ER from it's inception...I will miss it.