Sunday, 14 December 2008

Work related gifts

My employer has been very generous. I got a Blackberry Bold smart phone and a new laptop (a small HP Elite notebook 2530p).

To be able to receive and call while driving, I bought myself a Jabra bluetooth headset (BT250v).



I’m especially happy with my little notebook. It will lighten my load while travelling. The little laptop weights only  1.47 kg (3.7 pounds). Compared to my old laptop which weighed nearly 4 kilos this is one light laptop. The other thing I like about it, I can take advantage of the ultra-slim battery accessory that offers up to 12 combined hours of battery life. I can work anywhere!!

I’m a real professional icon_biggrin

I do hope that my RSI will stay away now I don’t have to carry such a load with me.

This weekend, Hubby has helped me add a new background image and ringtone to my Blackberry. I now have got myself a nifty new ringtone till Christmas!! I found ‘Aussie Jingle Bells’ , by COLIN BUCHANAN & GREG CHAMPION (bucko & champs), thanks to Catherine’s help.

After Christmas I will have to find me a new ringtone.


mama said...

Very funny!!
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Jackie said...

I just love technology! Wonderful little laptop. I just got an iPhone about 2 months ago and love it! You will love your Blackberry.

Anne Marie said...

Lucky you!!! Glad to see you are back up blogging!