Saturday, 15 November 2008


Today I met up with a friend of mine, whom I’ve known practically since my birth. Next year we are going to celebrate our 45th anniversary!! Yes, I’m really that oldwinking0071 .

All through my childhood travels we kept in touch and when we moved back to the Netherlands we became friends. Although we don’t see each other often it is always nice to catch up. 

When I got home I saw that my study looked different. Hubby had hung up a lamp. I now have plenty of light when I’m sitting at my desk.IMG_1553 I guess I’ll be sitting here more often. It is definitely an major improvement. I’m one lucky girl to have such a handy Hubby.

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Sweet P said...

Great new lights! DH and I bought some new lighting for my studio at IKEA this past weekend. I hope we can get them installed soon. DH is not a handyman, but he has lots of friends who can do handyman tasks.